Unbelievable?: Is Atheism a ‘Lack of Belief’? Calum Miller, Paul Orton & Non Stamp Collector

Is atheism a ‘lack of belief’? Calum Miller, Paul Orton & Non Stamp Collector – Unbelievable? – Saturday 5th January 2013 02:30 am.

In the first show of 2013, three ‘Unbelievable?’ listeners join Justin Brierley to discuss their views of atheism.

Calum Miller is a Christian medical student at Oxford with an interest in philosophy. He chats with atheist Paul Orton and agnostic Steve (aka Non Stamp Collector).

They both define their atheism as a mere “lack of belief in God” rather than a positive belief that “there is no God”.

Why the distinction? Find out as we ask questions about where the burden of proof lies, the difference between agnosticism and atheism, and the God of the Bible.

Full Bio Here: www.thesojourner.org/about/


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